iPhone v2: 5 more Handy Tips & Tricks

By on Apr 28, 2011 in Featured, National, Tech Tips | 2 comments

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Here’s a collection of tips and tricks to help you do more and be more productive – with your iPhone 4.  Many of these tips & tricks will also work on other iOS devices such as your iPod Touch, iPad or iPad2.

1.  Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick Period

Tap the space-bar twice, to add a period and capitalize the next word.

Hidden Characters

To quickly enter a number or symbol, hold the and slide to the key you want.

Hold down certain keys to bring up alternate options.

2.  Save an Image

Tap and Hold your finger on the image in Safari to be given a number of options.

3.  Save Web Pages to your Home Screen

Tap on the Open in Safari Browser icon at the botton of the webpage.

Tap on the add to Home Screen.

4.  View PDF’s in iBooks

Upload a PDF to your iTunes Library.

Sync your iPhone and look in the Books Tab in iTunes.

Go to the iBooks App on your iPhone and the new PDF tab will appear.

Or touch and hold the PDF icon or link and select “Open in iBooks.”

5.  Scrolling within a Webpage

Scroll with one finger on the main page.

Use two fingers to scroll within a sub-page within the same window.


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