QR Codes for Real Estate

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A little background on a QR code first.  A QR code is also known as a Quick Response Code.  It is designed as a type of barcode that a user can scan to their Smart Phone to receive more information on a product or service…virtually anything really.  For the tech savvy, it has become the “talk of the town” so to speak.

In order to create or to read a QR Code you will need to have software on a Smart Phone.  There are many good free programs available and easy to find.  If you use your favorite search engine and type in QR Code, QR Code Generator or QR Code Decoder then you will have many choices to decide which will work the best for you.

The possibilities are endless on how to use these codes. The key and the challenge will be to personalize each QR experience.  Many of these codes are being used to direct back to an agent website or brokerage website, here are some other ways to use QR Codes:

1. Flyer – Use the QR code as a supplement to the flyer.  Have a video of the interior of the home.  Invite the viewer to a private showing or a weekend open house.

Attach a QR code to the front of your flyer box.  Now you have a never empty flyer box.  Make sure to put a heading explaining that there are no more flyers, but they can view one with the code.  It may also be handy to give quick directions on the flyer for buyers who have not used a QR code before.

2. Sign Rider – Living in the Northwest makes a perfect use for a QR code on a sign rider.  Make the code as big as you can on the sign rider.  Now a prospective buyer does not have to get out of the car on a rainy day to view information on the property.

3. Business Card – Make your business card stand out by including something other than your contact information.  Make a commercial about you.  What is it that makes you different or stand-out?

If you are holding an open house, put a QR code sticker on the back of your card that leads to a video of you thanking them for viewing your listing.  If you are handing out cards during an event, make a special video incorporating that event.  When you use a sticker for the QR, you can personalize your message to say anything.

4. Farming – Use the QR code to lead to some marketing statistics in the area.  It can be a neighborhood sold list or neighborhood analysis charts that you can obtain from First American Title.

Depending on the message that you would like to get across to the farming area you can say something specific about the neighborhood in a video.  This is your chance to communicate why you are the neighborhood expert.

5. Car – Use your car as a mobile advertisement.  Have a QR code made on a magnet the size of a piece of paper and put it on your car.  Your mobile advertisement can tell people how to reach you, but it also gives you the chance to tell them how technologically savvy you are.

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  1. Greg Parsons

    October 11, 2011

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    We are using these codes at our malls and shopping centers to attract local retail entrepreneurs.

  2. qr codes

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    Hi, have you tryied http://uqr.me? Is one of the best qr code generator world wide… Permit to link to urls, files, a full customizable mobile ready page, a paypal payment, a vCard and they permit to beautify your QR with rounded corners, gradients, centered image etc..


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