The Only Thing That’s Constant is CHANGE!

So how do we go about our day trying to keep up with all the changes happening right now in Social Media and especially Facebook?

Facebook over the last week has rolled out a number of changes to your Profile Account as well as your Facebook Business Page.  If you’re still wondering what happened to your Top News, Recent Activity, and Account links you’re not alone.  Here’s a complete guide to the recent changes and how to easily and effectively navigate your way through them.

1.  The new “Subscribe” feature:

The “Subscribe” feature has now made it possible for you to choose what you want to see in your News Feed.  It’s now possible to make sure you get the stories you want to see from your friends, and less from high school buddies. You also have the ability to connect with people you didn’t know personally like artists, famous athletes, and political figures.

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2.  Control Your “Privacy Settings”:

Privacy and the control of what we share have always been at the center of every conversation in regards to Facebook.  Time heals all wounds…so will this conversation about Privacy and being online with our lives evolve and maybe become just a normal part of life.

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3.  “Friend” vs. “Subscriber”:

To unlock the mystery, you have to understand the difference between “Friends” & “Subscribers”.  They actually do work together in most cases quite well to help give you more control over what you want to see in your news feed.

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4.  Audience -”Everyone” is now “Public”:

Facebook made some basic changes to who we choose to share content with.  The controls for everything are now located right next to the content you would like to share.  The biggest change is the new Inline Audience Selector that lets you choose a specific audience, every time you want to share something.

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5.  Manage “Smart Lists” and “Friend Lists”:

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6.  News Feed “Top Stories” vs. “Recent Stories”:

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7.  Real-Time “Ticker”:

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8.  Profiles will become “Timelines”:

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