Keeping Cool (or Warm) Using Something Cool!

By on Oct 31, 2011 in Featured, National, Tech Tips | 0 comments

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With the colder weather quickly approaching, homeowners everywhere are looking for effective ways to winterize their homes in an effort to save heat and money.  We at FirstAmTech stumbled upon what appears to be a pretty cool new thermostat, one for those of us who are part of the iPhone generation.

It’s called the Nest, and it looks like it not only takes the confusion out of traditional programmable thermostats, but it actually learns the habits of the homeowners and adjusts accordingly to save energy.

According to the LA Times, 90% of people who own homes rarely program their thermostat which defeats the entire purpose of having a programmable thermostat.

Created by Tony Faddell, a former Apple executive, the Nest has taken residential thermostats to an entirely new level.  In addition to the simple design and learning capabilities, the thermostat will display a green leaf icon (called the Nest Leaf) when energy is being saved.

What really caught our eye, though, was the fact that you can control the Nest thermostat remotely from a computer or even your iPhone as long as the thermostat is connected to your home’s wi-fi network.

At $250, this device might seem a bit steep, but according to Nest, homeowners can expect to recover that initial cost somewhere between 12 and 24 months.  For complete details about the Nest, please visit their website at www.nest.com.

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