11 not 10-Handy iOS 5 Tips & Tricks

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Apple® Inc.’s iOS 5 has finally taken flight, boasting over 200 new features. The release of the iPhone® 4S was the tech equivalent of a safety, keep in mind though the software called iOS, is extremely reliable, full-featured and mature. It should really come as no surprise that iOS 5 is an evolutionary update that all iPhone, iPad®, and iPod Touch® users should download and install as soon as possible.
We at Firstamtech.com want to give our readers a simple top ten of Tips & Tricks that we have researched that make using your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch just that much easier to use with the new iOS 5 software.

iOS 5 – is compatible with:

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 & 4S

iPod touch 3rd & 4th generations

iPad & iPad 2

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Getting tired of always typing the same phrases over and over again in e-mails and texts? You’re wasting valuable Facebook time. Lucky for you, Keyboard Shortcuts can help.
Go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Shortcuts to create shortcuts that will automatically expand into the word or phrase you want.

2. Weather Reports

The Weather App has now seen the much needed upgrade in iOS 5. Touch your screen or swipe down to get a more detailed hour by hour breakdown of the weather for that day. If you have the Location services turned on in your Settings, you will now be able to get your local weather updates also…just try tapping the app’s ‘i’ button in the bottom right corner. Also check out the weather strip in the new Notification Center, where a simple sideways swipe will give a seven-day forecast.

3. Location-Based Reminders

Let’s say you need to remember to pick up milk and eggs after work today. Make sure to turn on the At a Location option. To help it determine your location better make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on in your Settings or it will ask you to choose from an address in your Contacts. Choose you’re current Location and if you would prefer to also turn on On a Day and set the reminder to check mark at the bottom When I Leave and click done.
Open Reminders App>tap +>tap on the created reminder>Remind Me>Turn On>On a Day & At a Location>Turn on Wi-Fi (if needed)>tap on When I Leave>tap on Done

4. Flag e-mails

You now have the ability within your e-mail to flag messages in your inbox so you can highlight their importance. When you are viewing an e-mail, you should notice the word Mark in the subject line. Tap on Mark and you will be given a couple options choose from Flag or Mark as Unread. Select Flag and you message now has been Flagged.

5. E-Mail Formatting

To make your e-mails standout from the rest of the crowd iOS 5 has installed new text formatting options. Double-Tap on a word or paragraph and choose the arrow on the floating menu to be given a couple more choices. Tap on B/U option and select from Underline, Italics and Bold.

6. Voice Memo

iMessage is iOS 5’s new instant messaging service that allows iOS users to talk freely using texts, images, and videos. You now have the ability to shake it up and send a friend your actual voice memo by e-mail or mms.
Tap on Voice Memos App>Tap on Record>Tap on the triple-lined button>choose Share> select Message and choose your contact.

7. Take a quick Snapshot

Remember how hard it was to take a photo of something quickly and easily when your iPhone was locked. By the time you unlocked it, the moment was long gone. Not anymore.
Double-Tap the Home Button from the iPhone Lock Screen now choose the new Camera Button just like you see in the screenshot below.

8. iPad-Trick for users that want to type with their thumbs

To make typing on the iPad easier iOS 5 released a cool new update to give users a “split keyboard” option. To be able to access the “split keyboard”, place both fingers on the keyboard and then spread them apart. You should then see a split keyboard.

9. Faster preview of a Photo you just took

To make previewing photo’s quicker and easier iOS 5 gives you the ability within the Camera App to just slide your finger from left to right on the screen to quickly see the most recent photo taken.

10. iPad® 2- Flip between Apps

This trick will not work on the original iPad sorry about that. iOS 5 brings to the iPad 2 some pretty amazing new gestures for moving between apps.

1. Pinch inward with your entire hand to return to the Home Screen
2. Slide to the right or left to switch between Apps
3. Push upward with four fingers to view your multitasking menu bar

11. iCloud®- see how much storage your using

The idea behind iCloud is that it doesn’t store all of your apps, it’s really only storing the preferences you chose, settings, and most importantly the data within each of those apps.
iCloud gives you 5GB of free storage, this should last you awhile. Here is how to check what’s using up your storage:
Go to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>Manage Storage>Tap on your iPhone ,iPad, and or iPod Touch
• You may want to spend some time going through your list of apps to see if it’s really necessary to use storage space backing apps that you don’t use that often as a suggestion.

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