Pinterest: A Real Estate Distraction??

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Over the last couple months I have not been able to go anywhere on the web without someone talking about a website called Pinterest.com.  The growth of the site since its beta release in early 2010 has been substantial; some would even call it “the biggest social media site to hit the web since Twitter.”

So what is Pinterest exactly?  In the simplest of terms possible it’s a “Virtual Pinboard”.  Pinterest is a simple tool used for photo and visual sharing/bookmarking, but more importantly it used for the “curation” of visual content that is found on the web.

Here are 6 video lessons on How To Use Pinterest:

If you are considering setting up a Pinterest account my advice is to first, do it because it will be something you will enjoy doing and secondly, do it because you want to be part of a social/sharing community.  Here, Pinterest has a simple rule of etiquette that applies directly to how the real estate community or any business should consider engaging on the site.

Is this the next myspace.com or QR Code generator website nobody really knows?  The numbers do not lie, as of this month, Pinterest has a little over four million users, compared to the behemoth monster we call Facebook, with over 800 million.  Most of your audience, conversations, and most importantly relationships are in your Facebook account.  With that being said, do not let that early adopter mentality distract you from helping your clients make the biggest financial decision of their lives.

Here are a couple of blog posts with great insight to Pinterest and Real Estate:





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