5 Tips for the NEW Personal Profiles for Facebook Timeline

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Facebook has rolled out yet another update to its relatively new profile design, “Timeline,” where your details have been re-organized into a more readable, coherent format. Before the most recent update, your wall posts were scattered in a zig-zag style beneath your cover photo and “About” information that made your updates a little confusing to read. Not only has the Timeline profile become more organized, but there have also been extra new and exciting features added. These are five tips for getting the most out of the new Facebook profile design.

1. Remove Unnecessary Sections

One of the first things you can immediately do now that you’ve upgraded to the new profile design is get rid of the sections on your profile that aren’t necessary. For example, if you have an app that tracks and displays the music you’ve been listening to lately and you don’t really want your Facebook friends seeing it, you can easily click the “x” button in the top right corner of its box to get rid of it.

2. Promote Your Facebook Page Using Your Profile

Facebook’s new “About” section that appears right on your profile is a great opportunity to get the word out about your Facebook page. Navigate to your About section and choose the option to edit your details. List your position at your company and when it asks for the company name, search for the name of your Facebook page. Keep typing until you see the specific page appear.

3. Make Sure Your Cover Photo Follows the Rules

Facebook’s rules concerning cover photos have changed somewhat, and they can only feature 20% text versus 80% graphic. To easily check your text density in your cover photo, useĀ this free tool.

4. Use Your About Tab for Pages and Links

The new “About” section also permits the use of pages and links so that you can get greater exposure for your business. Your contact information is a great section to use this for. Fill it up with a reasonable amount of links so that your readers can easily find your websites and other social profiles.

5. Highlight Your Most Important Updates

Lastly, Facebook has added a new feature that allows you to highlight important updates that you want to attract attention to. Photos can also be highlighted in albums in the same fashion. Both status and photo highlights will cause them to enlarge on the page and the album (respectively) to draw more attention to them.

In the future, Facebook will more than likely add new features that will make it easier than ever before to communicate with your readers and keep them engaged. Facebook has already come a long way from the beginning, so keep an eye out for new features to use as they become available!


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