Is Your Real Estate Site Affected by Google’s Panda 4.0

By on Jun 18, 2014 in Blogging, Featured, National, Unlock Social Media | 2 comments

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This latest Google update, Panda 4.0 was released on May 20, 2014, and it is going to affect the way Google ranks your real estate website.

The update is geared towards leveling the playing field between the big box entities and smaller businesses. I think this is a good thing and it creates a lot of opportunity for the real estate blogger to rank higher. it’s all about the content, yet there’s a caveat…

Google wants to improve the quality of search results by finding those sites that try to exploit keywords to snag searchers, and those sites that produce low quality content with little or no real value to the reader and lower their ranking.

If you’re content is informative and true to its topic with unique and informative articles then you’re in luck, Google will reward you. Think about it. What does Google want? It wants purveyors of good content.

Most people searching on Google are looking for local information and one of the most powerful conversations you can have on a real estate blog is about your community.

A good mix of market reports, conversations about local schools, parks, farmers markets, local businesses, people, neighborhoods and events will enhance your digital footprint with a more well rounded and content rich environment. You’ll create a lot more traffic and opportunity on your real estate blog if it’s a community asset and not just a virtual salesroom floor.

The questions you might ask yourself

with regards to Google’s Panda 4.0 update…

Do I have a lot of thin content, pages with very little content?

Do I have a lot of duplicate content throughout my site?

Is my site/blog providing quality information with value to my readers?

Is my content relevant to the search terms?

Does the title and the content match up and make sense?

Is everything I write a setup for a sale?

Traffic to your site may not fall off suddenly, but your visibility in the search engine may be less and less over time if you’re content is not relevant to the new guidelines by which your site is now being perceived and ranked.

It’s your blog and your business and it’s totally okay to showcase it and your listings. A simple formulae is to give at least 80% of the time and to ask no more than 20% of the time. Good SEO is a lot like those two old real estate axioms that have been around forever…

Its all about Lifestyle and Location Location Location!